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  • 03/04/2017 Approx 2500 PUL parades in Northern Ireland each year

    2016  PUL (Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist) key statistics:

    • 95 per cent of 2500 PUL parades proceed without conditions
    • 1260 Orange Order parades
    • 567 Twelfth parades accounted for 45 per cent of all Orange Order parades 
    • 459 loyalist band parades
    • 445 Royal Black Preceptory parades
    • 217 Apprentice Boys of Derry parades
    • 11 per cent of PUL parades took place in Belfast.  Belfast parades accounted for 51 per cent of PUL parades with conditions imposed.
    2016 CRN (Catholic/Republican/Nationalist) key statistics:
    • 25 CRN parades were notified for St Patrick's Day 
    • 45 CRN parades were notified for Easter 
    • 23 per cent of all CRN parades took place in Belfast
    • 70 per cent of CRN parades with conditions imposed took place in Belfast

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