Encouraging resolution through local dialogue
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Office Contact Details

Submissions about parades, or this website, should be sent, preferably in writing to:

The Parades Commission TEL : (028) 9089 5900
2nd Floor, Andras House FAX : (028) 9032 2988
60 Great Victoria Street Email : info@paradescommissionni.org
BT2 7BB  

N.B. By law, all evidence provided to the Commission will be treated as confidential and only for internal use (see Procedural Rules 3.3). Those doing so are asked therefore to provide the Commission with their name and address to enable a response to be made.


Press/Media Contact Details

Press/media queries should be addressed to :

Media Officer
TEL : (028) 90267099
MOB: 07731820015
Email : parades@mcepublicrelations.com

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