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Reference Number
Town of Parade
Ballyquin LSOU

Further Information

Date of Parade
02 June 2017
Start Time of Outward Route
Proposed Outward Route
Mill Place
Ballyclose Street
Alexander Road
Main Street
Connell Street
Irish Green Street
Rathbrady Road
Massey Avenue
Protestant Street
Katherine Street
Linenhall Street
Main Street
Mill Place
End Time of Outward Route
Start Time of Return Route
Proposed Return Route
End Time of Return Route
Number of Bands
Ballyquin Loyal Sons of Ulster Flute Band,Star of the Roe,Ballynarrig Pride of Orange Flute Band,Edenmore Flute Band,Largy Flute Band,Boveva Flute Band,Dungiven Crown Defenders Flute Band ,Aghnaloo Flute Band,Freeman Memorial,Pride of the Bann ,Ulster Protestant Boys Flute Band,Ballinteer Flute Band,Macosquin First Flute Band,Moneydig Young Conquerors Flute Band,Movenis Sons Of William Flute Band,Blackhill Accordion Band,Boveedy Flute Band,Lisnagrot Accordian Band,Maghera Sons Of William Flute Band,Gortagilly Coronation Flute Band,Ballymoughan Purple Guards Flute Band,Dunamoney Flute Band,Montober Flute Band,Derryloran Flute Band,Burntollet Sons of William Flute Band,Pride of the Orange & Blue Flute Band,Caw Flute Band,East Bank Protestant Boys Flute Band,Glendermott Valley Flute Band,Blair Memorial Flute Band,Red Hand Defenders Newtownstewart,Defenders of the Rock Lisbellaw,Drumaheagles Young Defenders Flute Band,Vow Accordion Band,Dunaghy Flute Band,Tullaghans Sons of Liberty,Ballinrees Pipe Band,Portrush Sons of Ulster Flute Band,Crown Defenders Flute Band Cloughmills,Pride of the Park Armoy,Ballymaconnelly Sons of Conquerors Flute Band,Dervock Young Defenders,Steeple Defenders Flute Band,Cairncastle Flute Band,Ulster First Flute Band,Whitewell Defenders Flute Band,Ahoghill Sons of William Flute Band,Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster,Pride of the Maine,Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster
Expected Number of Participants
Expected Number of Supporters

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