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Reference Number
Town of Parade
Red Hand Defenders Flute Band Newtownstewart

Further Information

Date of Parade
03 May 2019
Start Time of Outward Route
Proposed Outward Route
Main Parade Assemble 20.40pm Start 20.50pm
Douglas Bridge Road
Castle Brae
Main Street
Dublin Street
Old Castle Road
Back Burn Mourne Park
Mourne Park / Mourne Walk
Millbrook Lane
Strabane Road in direction of Barnscourt Road
Junction of B
court road RTN Strabane Road Direction of Newtownstwwart
Mill street
Castle Brae
Douglas Bridge Road.
Host Band Red Hand Defenders Flute Pre Main Parade
Douglas Bridge Road
Castle Brae
Main Street
Mill Street
Strabane Road turn left at Tyre Depot
Millbrook Lane / Mourne Park
Mourne Park Mourne Walk
Old Castle Road
Dublin Street
Main Street
Douglas Bridge Road
Feeder and Dispersal Routes routes for late Bands arrival Below
Methodist Lane
St Eugenes street / Moyle Road
End Time of Outward Route
Start Time of Return Route
Proposed Return Route
End Time of Return Route
Number of Bands
Sinclair Memorial Pipe Band,strawletterdallon Pipe Band,Young Loyalist Flute Band,Castlederg Young Loyalists Flute Band Old Boys,Pride of Derg,Blair Memorial,Protestant Boys Flute Band,True Blues Flute Band,Pride of Village ,Brackey Flute Band,Montober Flute Band,Derryloran Boyne Defenders,Ballymoughan Flute Band,South Fermanagh Flute Band,Enniskillen Fusiliers ,Magheravealy flute,Ballinamallard Accordion Band,Barron Accordian Band,Pride of William Oul Boys,Pride of the Orange Flute Band,East Bank P.B ,Burntollet Flute Band,Star of the Roe,Pride of Orange ,Ballyquinn Flute Band,Freeman Memorial, Pride of the Bann Flute Band,Eden flute band,Cowan Memorial Flute Band,Red Hand Defenders Newtownstewart,Dunamony Flute Band,Stepple Flute Band,Portadown Defenders Flute Band,Pride of the Bann Coleraine
Expected Number of Participants
Expected Number of Supporters

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