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Reference Number
Town of Parade
Ulster First Flute Band Sandy Row

Further Information

Date of Parade
15 June 2019
Start Time of Outward Route
Proposed Outward Route
Sandy Row Orange Hall
Donegal Road
Shaftesbury Square
Great Victoria Street
Wellwood Street
Sandy Road
Donegal Road
Roden Street (U-turn)
Donegal Road
Sandy Row Rangers Supporters Club
End Time of Outward Route
Start Time of Return Route
Proposed Return Route
End Time of Return Route
Number of Bands
Ulster First Flute Band,South Belfast Protestant Boys,South Belfast Young Conquerors,Upper Falls Protestant Boys ,Ballysillan Volunteers Flute Band,Ballylesson Old Boys Flute Band,Fairhill Flute Band,Pride of Lagan Valley Flute Band,East Belfast Protestant Boys, Pride of the Shore ,Braniel Loyal Flute Band,Rising Sons East Belfast,Ballynafeigh,Pride of Ballybeen Community Flute Band,Pride Of The Hill Flute Band,Warkworth Purple Star Flute Band,Craigavon Protestant Boys,Red Hand Defenders Flute Band Portavogie,Ballymoughan Purple Guards Flute Band,Tullaghans Sons of Liberty Flute Band,Constable Anderson Memorial Flute Band,Goldsprings True Defenders Flute Band,Ballyclare Protestant Boys,Cloughfern Young Defenders Flute Band,Ulster Protestant Boys ,Crown Defenders,Pride of Bann,Livingston True Blues,Kinallen Flute Band,Ballyquin Flute Band,Coleraine Macosquin First Flute Benvarden,Pride of Knockmore Flute Band ,Lambeg Orange Blue F.B.,Ballymacash Flute Band,Ahoghill Loyal Sons of Ulster,Bangor Protestant Boys ,North Down Defenders Flute Band,Robert Graham Memorial Bangor,North Ballymena Protestant Boys Flute Band,Ballygowan True Blues Flute Band,Pride of Greenisland,Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster,Steeple Defenders Flute Band,Newtownards Protestant Boys,East Bank Protestant Boys,Randalstown Sons of Ulster Flute Band
Expected Number of Participants
Expected Number of Supporters

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