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Reference Number
Town of Parade
Limavady District LOL No 6

Further Information

Date of Parade
12 July 2019
Start Time of Outward Route
Proposed Outward Route
7 Lodges and 3 bands
Protestant Street
Catherine Street
Roemill Road
Roemill Gardens
as the parade exits Roemill Gardens 5 more lodges and 5 bands will filter into their
respective positions and parade continues along:
Irish Green Street
Catherine Street
As the parade reaches the junction with Linenhall Street
4 Lodges and 3 Bands will filter into their respective positions and parade continues:
Linenhall Street
Main Street
Mill Place
Buses will be situated on Mill Place
End Time of Outward Route
Start Time of Return Route
Between 18:00 and 20:00
Proposed Return Route
Rathmore Road : Outside football club
Church Street
Ballyclose Street : at this stage one band and lodge will turn off onto Killane Road.
Main Street
Connell Street
when the parade reaches the top end of connell street
5 Lodges and Bands will turn left and proceed along
Irish Green Street
Ballyquin Road or Greystone Road for dispersal
4 Bands and 8 Lodges will turn right and proceed along:
Catherine Street: 2 bands and 5 lodges will stop outside Orange Heritage Centre
2 Bands and 3 lodges will proceed
over Roe Bridge (Lisnakilly Road)
2 Bands and 2 Lodges Baranailt Road
1 Lodge Moneyrannel Road
End Time of Return Route
Between 19:00 and 21:30
Number of Bands
Trench Memorial Flute Band,Boveva Flute Band,Edenmore True Blues Flute Band,Ballyquin Loyal Sons of Ulster Flute Band,Pride of Orange Ballynarrig Flute Band,Aghanloo Flute Band,Ardinariff Flute band,Bellarena Accordion Band,Largy Flute Band,Star of the Roe Flute Band,Dungiven Crown Defenders Flute Band
Expected Number of Participants
Expected Number of Supporters
Not known

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