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Reference Number
Town of Parade
Dunamoney Flute Band

Further Information

Date of Parade
14 June 2019
Start Time of Outward Route
19:15 Main Parde to Commence at 20:30
Proposed Outward Route
Rainey St Car park
Rainey St
Westland Rd
Moneymore Rd
Queen St
Market St
Kirk Ave.
Queens Ave.
Ballyronan Rd
King St
Church St
Broad St
Rainey St
Rainey St Car Park
End Time of Outward Route
Start Time of Return Route
Proposed Return Route
End Time of Return Route
Number of Bands
Last Belfast Protestant Boys,Donaghadee Flutes and Drums,Gertrude Star ,Pride of the Raven ,Sons of Ulster,Pride of Knockmore Flute Band ,Blackskull Orange and Blue Flute,Cairncastle Flute Band ,Burntollet Sons of Ulster Flute Band,Kilcluney Volunteers Flute Band,Curran Flute Band,South Fermanagh Loyalist Flute Band,True Blues Flute Band,Tamlaghtmore Flute band,Protestant Boys Flute Band,Crown Defenders Flute Band,Ballycraigy Sons of Ulster Flute Band,Portadown Defenders Flute Band,Sons of Ulster Flute Band ,Movenis Flute Band,Drumderg Loyalist Flute Band,Drumaheagles Flute Band,Aughrim Accordion Band,Crown Defenders Flute Band,Aghagaskin Flute Band,Rathcool Protestant Boys Flute band,Castlederg Young Loyalist FB,Moneydig Flute Band,Boveedy Flute Band,Dunamoney Flute Band,Ballymoughan Purple Guards,Star and Crown Flute Band ,Desertmartin Accordion Band,Cranny Pipe Band,Gortagilly Coronation Flute Band,Sons of William Flute Band,Montober Flute Band,Derryloran Boyne Defenders,Blair Memorial Flute Band,Protestant Boys Flute Band,Red Hand Defenders Flute Band ,Pride of the Maine Flute Band,Ballykeel Sons of Ulster Flute Band,Loyal Sons Of William Flute Band,Freeman Memorial Flute Band,Pride of the Bann Flute Band,Dunaghy Flute Band,Dunloy Accordion Band, Sons of Ulster Flute Band,Causeway Protestant Boys Flute Band,Ballymaconnelly Flute Band ,Clogher Protestant Boys Flute Band
Expected Number of Participants
Expected Number of Supporters

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