Reference Number Organisation Town of Parade
PAR\89281 **LOL No 1883 Belfast Harbour** Belfast

Further Information

Date of Parade 18 June 2021
Date that Parade is to be considered 02 June 2021
Decision made by the commission Conditions Imposed
Type of Condition Imposed Music,Code of Practice,Route Date of Determination 18 June 2021
Start Time of Outward Route 18:30
Proposed Outward Route North Belfast Orange Memorial Hall
Alexander Park Avenue
North Queen Street
Brougham Street
York Street
Donegall Street
Denmark Street (Filter in with main Tour of the North)
End Time of Outward Route 19:15
Start Time of Return Route 20:30
Proposed Return Route North Queen Street (Leave Main Parade)
Limestone Road
Alexander Park Avenue
North Belfast Orange Memorial Hall
End Time of Return Route 21:00
Number of Bands 1
Bands Belfast Harbour LOL 1883
Expected Number of Participants 20
Expected Number of Supporters n/a
Determination Document View Document

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