Reference Number Organisation Town of Parade
PAR\89343 **Blair Memorial Flute Band Omagh** Omagh

Further Information

Date of Parade 10 July 2021
Start Time of Outward Route 19:30
Proposed Outward Route Edinburgh Park
Edinburgh Villas
Queens Parade
Rodgers Villas
Hospital Road
Edenfel Park
Tornlea Park
Winters Gardens
Orangefield Park
Hospital Road
Knockgreenan Park
Georgian Villas
Crevenagh Way
Crevenagh Drive
Crevenagh View
Hospital Road
McClay Park
Queens Parade
Riverview Park
End Time of Outward Route 23:00
Start Time of Return Route -
Proposed Return Route
End Time of Return Route -
Number of Bands 1
Bands Blair Memorial
Expected Number of Participants 50
Expected Number of Supporters 100

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