Reference Number Organisation Town of Parade
PAR\89414 **Lisbeg Pipe Band** Ballygawley

Further Information

Date of Parade 01 July 2021
Start Time of Outward Route 20:00
Proposed Outward Route Grange Road
Main Street
Church Street
Old Omagh Road
End Time of Outward Route 20:45
Start Time of Return Route 20:45
Proposed Return Route Old Omagh Road
Church Street
Main Street
Grange Road
End Time of Return Route 21:15
Number of Bands 16
Bands Lisbeg Pipe Band,Benburb Pipe Band,Glenageragh Pipe Band ,Crilly Pipe Band,Mulnahorn Pipe Band,Cavanaleck Pipe Band,Fardross Pipe Band,Dergina Accordian Band,Mulnahunch Accordion Band,Lislane Accordion Band,Loughans Accordion Band,Bann Silver Band,Roughan Silver Band,Lisgenny Flute Band,William Kerr Pipe Band,Edentilone Pipe Band
Expected Number of Participants 310
Expected Number of Supporters 200

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