Reference Number Organisation Town of Parade
PAR\89398 **Carrickfergus Defenders Flute Band** Carrickfergus

Further Information

Date of Parade 01 July 2021
Start Time of Outward Route 19:00
Proposed Outward Route Carrickfergus Glasgow Rangers Supportive Club
North Road
St Brides Street
Albert Road
Lancasterian Street
North Street
High Street
Carrickfergus Cenotaph
End Time of Outward Route 19:30
Start Time of Return Route 19:45
Proposed Return Route Carrickfergus Cenotaph
High Street
Market Place
West Street
Irish Gate
Irish Quarter South
Davys Street
Irish Quarter West
Albert Road
St Brides Street
North Road
Carrickfergus Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club
End Time of Return Route 20:15
Number of Bands 1
Bands Carrickfergus Defenders Flute Band
Expected Number of Participants 150
Expected Number of Supporters 0

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