Reference Number Organisation Town of Parade
PAR\89575 **LOL No 1948 Loughries True Blues** Newtownards

Further Information

Date of Parade 12 July 2021
Start Time of Outward Route 11:00
Proposed Outward Route CLB Band Hall
East Street
Zion Place
Upper Movilla Street
Queens Street
Upper Greenwell Street
Georges Street
Movilla Street
High Street
Gibsons Lane
Regent Street
Francis Street
North Street
Mark Street
Mary Street Orange Hall
End Time of Outward Route 11:30
Start Time of Return Route 13:15
Proposed Return Route Conway Square
Regent Street
Wright's Arcade Building
Francis Street
End Time of Return Route 13:30
Number of Bands 1
Bands William Strain William Lightbody Memorial Flute Bandn
Expected Number of Participants 60
Expected Number of Supporters Nil

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