Reference Number Organisation Town of Parade
PAR\95930 ##Killylea District LOL 7## Killylea

Further Information

Date of Parade 15 April 2023
Start Time of Outward Route 08:00
Proposed Outward Route Fellows Hall Road to Derryhaw Road.
Derryhaw turning left unto A3 Monaghan Road
Turn right unto B132 Madden Road
Turn left towards Crossmore Road turning right unto Crossmore Road.
Turn right unto A29 Kinelowen Street
Turn left unto A29 Victoria Street leading to Darkley Road leading to A29 Keady Road
Turn left unto A25 Newry Road leading unto A25 Camlough Road
Turn left unto B133 Millvale Road leading to B133 Maytown Road
Through Mountnorris unto B133 Bessbrook Road
Turn left unto A28 Gosford Road go nto Markethill
From Markethill back to A28 Gosford Road turn left unto B3 Tandragee Road
B3 Tandragee Road leading unto B3 Markethill Road.
Turn left unto A27 in Tandragee Turn right unto A51 Madden Road
A51 Madden Road leading to A51 Tandragee Road leading unto Wall Road
Unto A50 Dunbarton Street turn left unto B3 Plantation Road
Unto B3 Gilford Road at Roundabout turn left unto A26 Banbridge Road.
Turn left unto Queen Street. Turn right into Windsor Avenue to Brownlow House.
From Brownlow unto Castle Lane. Turn right unto Market Street.
Turn left unto Edward Street on to Parkview Street to A3 Portadown Road
At Roundabout 1 unto A3 Lake Road follow A3 to Roundabout 4
Roundabout 4 unto A27 Mandeville Road and follow A27 through all Roundabouts
Unto A27 Lurgan Road to Bridge Street
Follow A27 through Portadown turning left into Carleton Street
From Carleton Street back to A27 Armagh Road turn left
Turn right unto Brownstown Road. At Roundabout take left unto B77 Loughgall Road
Follow B77 unto Red Lion Road unto B77 Main Street Loughgall
Unto B77 Ballygasey Road. Turn left unto B111 Drumilly Road
Follow B111 unto Creenagh Road and unto B111 Sandymount Road.
Turn left unto A3 Portadown Road.
Turn right unto B111 Corcreevy Road leading to Main Street Richhill.
Turn right unto B111 New Line. Turn right unto B111 Annareagh Road.
Turn right unto A51 Hamiltonsbawn Main Street leading to A51 Hamiltonsbawn Road
Unto A51 Barrack Hill to The Mall Armagh
To Gaol Square Armagh along A3 Barrack Street unto A28 Friary Road
Unto A28 Killylea Road. Turn left unto Main Street Killylea
End Time of Outward Route 18:00
Start Time of Return Route -
Proposed Return Route
End Time of Return Route -
Number of Bands 0
Bands -
Expected Number of Participants 10
Expected Number of Supporters 6

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