The Commission Secretariat is responsible for providing the administrative function to the Commission, in undertaking its statutory functions. Secretariat staff have no direct role in making decisions about whether or not conditions should be placed on a parade; this is the Commission’s responsibility.
The Secretariat is made up of eight staff, seconded from various government and external partner organisations. 


The Commission Secretary and Accounting Officer is Sarah Teer. The role of Secretary is to provide a single point of contact between the Secretariat and the Commissioners. The Secretary is responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the secretariat.
The Deputy Secretary provides effective business support arrangements to senior management and the Commissioners in relation to corporate governance, risk management and financial control. She also supports the Secretary and Chair in planning and facilitating meetings and other events in support of the Commission’s responsibilities and objectives.
The Secretariat has two caseworkers. Caseworkers are responsible for liaising with those interested in parading and those opposed to parades and facilitating direct representations to the Commission, particularly in relation to sensitive parades. One caseworker is responsible for parades in the wider Belfast area and one is responsible for parades outside Belfast.
The office supervisor has responsibility for a small team of staff who provide administrative support to the Secretariat and Commissioners.
Any queries about the operation of the Parades Commission or related matters should be directed to the Secretariat. Enquiries in relation to a specific parade should be directed to the relevant caseworker.


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